Uncharted Adventure

It is in the real stuff of life that God make his presence known. The Kingdom of God is present in the little things. It is mysterious, secret, and seemingly insignificant, but just the same it is present, manifest, and beautifully extraordinary.

God’s word is meant to cut deep into our calloused hearts. This is much different than a surface level understanding. It must sink below the surface, bellow the two-dimensional, and into real life.

For the point of Scripture is not right belief. No, it is much more captivating than mere beliefs. It is much more than knowing the right doctrine and having an answer for every issue. People argue and grumble over whether this doctrine or that is the right way. But isn’t the Kingdom about more than just knowing?

Knowing the right things can only take us so far. It takes us to the edge of the sea where the boat is still docked. A boat is safe in the bay, or tied to the dock, however a boat is not meant to sit still in a tranquil harbor. A boat is destined to freely sail the mysteries of the open sea. It is designed for uncharted adventures.

O God take us into uncharted waters. Take us on a grand adventure. May we leave the safety of the tour guide. For adventure can only occur when the guided tour is left behind.

Life in the Kingdom is free and adventurous.It is beautifully simple and sensationally complex. Like in any good adventure, the thrill is in the unknown. Adventures planned are not adventures. Lets fly by the seat of our pants.


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