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This is a little tardy, but like most things, it would be bitter if not yet ripe. Mothers. Everyone has one. God even had a mother. It is something else we all have in common. There are good ones and bad ones, young and old ones. There are unfair mothers and warmhearted mothers. Occasionally they seem contemptible, but most often it is well deserved.

No one really understands the mystery, except perhaps mothers themselves. Bearing child is a puzzling partnership with a well-known designer who pushes the process along. Perhaps it supports the theory that God primarily works in and through human beings in this world. God even used Mary, bless her heart, to inspire the Son of God himself.

Ok, science can tell us a considerable amount, but it can only point to such an awesome obscurity. Some science claims to have all the answers to life’s unanswerable questions. Nine months is all it takes, give or take a few, for new life to take first breath. Nine months it takes for the bread to rise, and if the oven is at just the right temperature, the bread is ready to come out.

Mothers make life possible in an impossible world, at least the mothers in my life do. Moms are like no one else in the world. Sacrifice and service give meaning to their actions. But like Jesus said, “No greater love is there than a mother to lay down her life for her children.” It is a love centered deep within a mother’s core, so great and secret, that a child and even a young man, couldn’t see, hear, touch, taste, or feel until the time is right. God, thank you for the mothers, and of course the grandmothers of the world, who teach about your service and love for us, but most of all, thank you for my mother. Love ya Mom.


All of us are made from it. Everything that is, turns into it. It comes in all different sorts and sizes. Clay is sticky and slimy making it good for pot making. Dirt mixed with grass builds abode. Mud dries on the bottom of shoes. Soccer moms clean it out of a reckless child’s clothes. Some people tell others to eat it. And some folks talk dirt.

Dirt is everywhere. Dust settles on shelves and tables. Carpets soak up soil like a bounty paper towel. Stubborn stains sit around. Dirt tags along if we like it or not. Somehow mysteriously it finds a way under fingernails. Some of it is left on the rug beside the door, and some of it left together with shoes. Dirt needs tilling, if the garden is to grow. It is even in our conversations. No matter how hard one tries, it is everywhere.

This same dirt that follows us around like a pain in the ass, is the material needed for life. Earthworms abide in it. Trees root themselves deep within it. Vegetables gardens borrow its nutrients. Without dirt, and without trees, shade from the unforgiving sun would be hard to come by. Without dirt, and without the fruit that springs forth from it, tragedy would befall the human race. It is quite ironic, of course.

Again and again, dirt gets a bad rap. But if you have eyes to see and hands and feet to touch, dirt after all is not the villain. Take off your shoes for once. Feel it between your toes. Wonder at the awe of its mystery. Most times first impressions are wrong. And sometimes the villain, if you look him in the eyes, may just be a hero in disguise. Always remember, God made dirt, and dirt doesn’t hurt.

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