Love, in its own simplest sense, is hard to nail down.Perhaps it is a bit mysterious like human contact with the invisible heavens.  It is like something you dont miss unless you have at one point possessed it. Or could it be that every human heart (and perchance the animals) is designed with love as an ultimate goal? All of us seem obsessed with its enchanting allure. But few appear to give themselves over to it. Movies and literature hint at what love is, only just skipping rocks on the surface. Yet they cannot reflect love’s true hidden nature because love is not in them.

Jesus served the earth for thirty some odd years conditioning for an act of love far greater than imagination can fathom. It seems men and women are not born with a capability to love in its true sense. And if this is true, then love is something to train, condition, and nurture. But perhaps, more than anything, love is something to receive. For it was once said, “Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

Christianity, more than anything, is not about giving back to God because there is nothing we have to give him that is not already his. Giving back to God is like trying to take a possession from a friend and then give it back as a gift. Entering the Kingdom of God, most of all, is about receiving the ultimate gift of love man has ever known. God himself lived and died for the salvation of his beloved creation. His mere thirty years or so, was a service to us all. Through seemingly simple and insignificant acts of service, God intends to refashion the fabric of the universe. Isn’t the irony great.

But what a mockery everything is if it does not lead us and teach us toward this end. If you have not noticed already, God primarily uses ordinary humans to accomplish his will in heaven upon earth. And as disciples of our teacher, we desire and hope to transform our life to reflect his.

There is one woman in particular, whose life and breath is evidence of this true and wonderful love. Day after day her service and affection teach me something about God’s love for me. Even the privilege of gazing into those aquamarine colored eyes, electrifies my soul. She has the unique ability to speak truth into life situations and problems, challenging me to sink into God’s saving love even further. Some look to their significant other for salvation, for their everything, but rightly my love points and encourages me towards the author of true salvation. Her love brilliantly reflects, in an extremely tangible way, just what the love of the Father is like. My only hope is to do the same for her.

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