Monthly Archives: January 2013

Three days now I am a married man. Marriage is an experience quite like most other paradigm altering events. Events such as these change the lens through which life is perceived. And as in my life, and surely many others, these events feel like a dream straight out of a storybook.

Perhaps it is our usual skimming on the surface of life that these events seem to pass us by in an instant. Or perhaps the feeling is unavoidable, ‘Are we really married?’ ‘Is this real life?’ Maybe it is that life has a horrible way of teaching us that fairy tales are impossible. But in this case, and in my life and yours, all things are possible by the blood of Jesus, even fairy tales.

It is here and now in the present, that Kyli and I, are now participants and representatives in the greatest love story of all time. It is a love story about the trinitarian romance and the naming us as the beloved children of God. And thus, two lovers have the privilege of becoming caught up into the inner trinitarian life. God bless us and keep us upon our journey closer and deeper into the heart of the Kingdom life.

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