Walking and Thinking


Walking a dusty pattered path,

Vibrant green vegetation smothered

In a California coastal fog bath,

Dewdrops untouched unbothered


Ears open to an audible melody,

Birds of sorts sing songs

Unto the Creator tremendously

And reverently to him it belongs


Smelling sweet spring’s flavor,

Bursting with intricacy from deep

Wells of a flowers savor,

If only it were ours to keep


Perhaps the human spirit badly

Longs to keep hold of things,

Whatever it can claim as its own property

And hold dear as belongings


So close but feeling a great distance

Evil spirits rape with violation

Until man has no resistance

To such wicked desecration


If it is the Lord we trust

Then care we must

Decisions now will endure,

The Kingdom life is not premature


We are responsible at this moment in time

Notwithstanding the prevailing lifestyle

What will we do with our time?

We are here to stay awhile


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