Glory to God

Surfing, skateboarding, baseball, spear fishing, theology, photography, basketball, strength and conditioning, mountain biking, preaching, guitar, soccer, rock climbing, gardening, permaculture, coaching, writing, woodworking, marriage (to a beautiful and loving wife I might add) and others surely have all occupied my time and interest past, present, and future. Maybe I am unconventional in pursuit of such diverse ventures.

Perhaps there is an innate urge inside a greater part of us to explore, survey and understand foreign and strange lands: to venture beyond what is comfortable and to experience new experiences beyond the current reality. Having said that, is this characteristic harmful or beneficial? Or is it just who I am and who God made?

Up until this point in life, it has proven difficult to find a passion of which can yield a source of income. Unfortunately all my interests seem to at this point, have an uncanny knack for having to reverse affect. Yet I believe firmly in their intrinsic ability to teach me about the nature and essence of life. More importantly I have confidence in their potential to growing my person towards Christlikeness.

Jesus, what ever it is we are doing with our lives, however we spend our time, let us recall that our doing does not define who we are. Give us remembrance unto our true nature wrapped up in a divine coexistence of love, charity, and grace in bringing heaven to earth. Our doing shall indeed be done always with a thought of you. May we give thanks for God’s whispering guidance in and through even the most mundane circumstances. Jesus, give us the dexterity and mastery to entrust all things to you.



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