Hiding in Plain Sight

Most of them are not yet aware of the diversion quite yet.  Their world is characterized by melancholic business and uninterrupted entertainment. Anything that keeps their minds distracted is accepted and normal. There are things such as social media, media, cellular phones, televisions, books, internet, movies and the list goes on and on into eternity. Even beside these modern inventions, there are more hinderances, ones that may seem nourishing and nutritious, that keep them from an eternal kind of life, things like ambition and success and self satisfaction. 

This world we are speaking of was long ago invaded and occupied by a deceptive and destructive forces. Interestingly enough, they cannot exist on their own. Yet they live a life of a parasite, sucking life from unfortunate hosts. The invaders are evil in pure form and traitors of the good and holy life. Their mission has remained the same since the beginning of this world. A mission set in deception and lies intended to cause self destruction and catastrophic failure.

Despair or progress are their means to salvation. Somehow the invasion of long ago is overlooked and even unremembered. People there live their lives as if it were not so, somehow convinced that neither good nor evil exist anymore. Feelings are now their source for truth and understanding. Unfortunately they have given themselves over to this malevolent lie and are now active co-participators in an effort to destroy the world.

Nevertheless, a few faithful remain faithful. They have not lost sight of their original intent, to creatively and imaginatively reflect the characteristics of their God and creator. To steward and care responsibly over the created things, including themselves. To love God, themselves and others. Unexpectedly, their God so loved the world, that he gave up his divinity and powers, becoming a human, so that they might not live a futile and failing existence, but live according to the fulness of his purposeful plan. His love for his world is so great that he gave his life up for its salvation. They call him Immanuel, or God with us.

Unlike the others, they see beauty and hope for the salvation of the world. Where there is no beauty there is no hope, and where there is no hope there is despair. Progress and success are not defined by wealth and riches, but by repair and reconciliation. Their goal is to be caught up in God’s plan for saving the world from invaders, liars, and destroyers. Hope for them is grounded in a faith that believes God will win in the end, and all things will once again live an eternal kind of life now and forevermore. These kind of people see reality. They see beauty, hope and the Kingdom of Heaven hiding in plain sight. 


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