Spiritual Episodes

There is a grocery store down the street. Foods of all types fill shelves empty spaces. Gas stations pump petrol to fill empty gas tanks. And brimming gas tanks fire engines for transportation of people and things. Internet yields information and entertainment and consuming on demand. Perhaps the idea of intelligence surrenders to a more effortless endeavor.


Adams ale flows from copper pipes, and plastic ones too. It comes in either hot or cold or a mixture of both, whichever you prefer. Water wells are on their way out of consciousness.


When winter breaks free form hibernation, thermal air spews from vents like steam off an arctic thermal. Who needs wood for a fire anyway?


Washing machines toss and turn like a sleepless night. Our machines are conveniently taking the place of hands and toes, muscles and bones. They make life easy.


The world is changing around us, and yet we yield to the shifting winds without taking a moments notice. It seems gizmos and the entertainment they provide exercise control over our minds and bodies. Industrialization is conveniently underwhelming its citizens. Life is just easy and our problems a click away.


Perhaps this way of life, the kingdoms of the 21st century, have a tight clenched grip on mind and soul like a slobbery dog on a ball. Unfortunately the spiritual life is antithetical to life in the world today. Life as described above is convenient, and yet salvation must be worked out with fear and trembling.


Jesus, crack our thick skulls with the donkeys jaw. Let us learn to sit in and wait for divine gifts of the Spirit. Overwhelm our kingdoms of the world, so that we may grasp the power and truth of your kingdom. Amen.


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