It is by thy Spirit

There is so much pain and suffering, hiding beneath what we deem blessings form above. But the enemy is crafty, cunning, and deceptive enough to deceive our minds into thinking our prosperity, all of our things and possessions, exist because of our good behavior, or because we believe this or that, or because we are good church goers, or because we helped the old lady on the corner with a cane cross the busy street. How easy is it to live a lie!

Don’t get me wrong, everything is a gift from God, and we shall give thanks, but it should not be confused with God’s favor for exceptionally good behavior. Anyway, the stuff is not ours to begin with, because God only lets us hold it, and hold it with open arms we shall. And we shall not let this stuff distract us form all the Spiritual blessings and gifts Jesus gives us by the Spirit!

The greatest gift is our redemption, from death to life, from outsiders to insiders, from the world into the Kingdom, form bastards to our adoption as the beloved sons and daughters of the God who is one. There is joy in suffering, hope for the hopeless, and forgiveness for the unforgivable. Jesus let us not forget, that it is by thy Spirit, not by our own strength, nor our worldly fortitude. Let us hold our lives with open hands, giving and receiving. For it is only in our receiving can we truly give. By thy Spirit Lord, make what is hidden beneath visible. Take our lies away and turn our darkness to light, for even the dimmest of lights can push back the darkness. Let us not forget to ask for thy power, because it is yours to give to those who ask. For It is not by our might or our power, but by thy Spirit.


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