A Word of Great Power

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. A witty good defense perhaps for kids on the yard, but the comeback communicates more than what it actually says. It says that words have no power, and this we know is not in accordance with the truth.

They carry a mysterious power, one that ironically the words cannot tell of themselves. Sometimes words bounce off our foreheads like a rubber ball off the sidewalk. But, sometimes a word said in passing, with a nonchalant attitude, is one that sticks forever, a word that cannot be undone.

These words of power, whether we realize it or not, can bring forth life or give rise to death and destruction. So let us give mind to the words we give to others and ourselves. Jesus, let our words bring with them life and the kingdom, and let them be tender, graceful, and loving, just like your word is toward us.


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