The Secret Is That There Is No Secret

In our countless conversations with ourselves, and sometimes with others, we often wonder about the purpose of things. What is the purpose of this algebra assignment? What is point of this job or that job? Or even so far to ask what is the purpose of my life?

The latter question is not a new one. Over the years many have tried to give us answers to this most fundamental question. Naturally the world tells us things like success. Perhaps our purpose is to be happy, or to create meaningful relationships, to care for family and kin, to work this job or that, or to find oneself. ‘Make money get paid’ is the anthem of the age, ages before and ages after all the same.

It could be that some do not ever consciously confront this question, or perhaps they fail to respond to it, I do not know. But I do know people are still searching for purpose. They search for it even while working their dream job. They look for it even in moments of joy as much in sorrow. It’s the successful and the unsuccessful alike that wonder, “Am I fulfilling my purpose?”

Ok, you probably can guess at this point where I am going with this. You are thinking, “Yeah ok he is going to tell us that God has a purpose for our lives.” And well frankly, you are right. God does have a purpose for us. Our lives are not meaningless. God does love us deeply and tenderly.

Yes its all true, but we want to know God’s individual purpose for our lives. We want the details. We wish it came in the form of prophecy. We wish God would audibly just tell us what exactly it is that he wants from us. Why all the games? Why the silence? We just want answers.

Let me let you in on a secret. It is that there is no secret. Well at least not anymore. Jesus is the secret revealed. Jesus is the answer we are looking for. Jesus, our savior and redeemer, is the one who saves us from life without meaning, without purpose, without hope. His obedient life was lived in surrender to the will of the Father.

It seems so simple, but our purpose, like Jesus’, is to lay down our own purpose, and to be caught up into the divine will for the redemption of all things, both in heaven and on earth. It is to become like Jesus, to become like our God and bring glory to his name. It is to love God and love our neighbor and to love ourselves. It is to live in hope of the bodily resurrection and the kingdom to come. It is to live like people redeemed, forgiven and loved. It is to help aid in the Kingdom come to earth where God’s will is done on earth just like it is in heaven.

Jesus, show us the way, even when the ways of everything else distract and confuse. You are not the author of confusion, but the author of peace. Deliver me from myself, from the hardness of my heart, from the stubborn ways of my will. Let my guard down. Teach me to surrender it all. Not my will, but yours be done. Amen.


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