A thought on Psalms

Ok, when reading the Psalms it is easy to pass over the emotional thrust of David’s words. David’s conversations with the Lord stem from an intimate prayer life; it is a life always seeking the will of the Lord. But, sometimes the language is so intense that it is easy to ignore it altogether. Often I think, wow this is so intense; there are armies of armed men pursuing David with intent to kill. Perhaps it is like a friend or an acquaintance that always seems to over exaggerate the run of the mill stuff of life. Where you think to yourself that there is no way this stuff can be true.

It’s kind of like the person with unrealistic delusions about their life; someone who thinks everyone is out to get them. But, this is not the case with David. And therefore we should not overlook his passionate pleas or his serious supplications. We cannot pretend the psalms are not our own experience. We cannot deny their power. Israel surely didn’t. They made the psalms their prayer. Indeed the psalms give words to our experience. They give us a vocabulary of grace. And the more and more we chew on the psalms, the more and more their prayers become our prayers.

Jesus, thank you for the psalms, because they teach us how to pray, how to do life with you. Let your kingdom come in our lives and in those near to us. Let your will be done in spite of our failings and shortcomings. Forgive us of our disobedience. Forgive us when we deny your power to change us. Thank you for forgiving us while we were still sinners. Let us live in response to such forgiveness and live as those who are forgiven.


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