A Joyous Journey

The journey is long. The road is narrow. Loose jagged rocks spread out side to side. My shoes, they wore through their soles miles back. Sometimes there are still those certain stones that pierce my feet. Yet others, my feet have grown accustomed to over time, they no longer break my skin. Some days the sky opens up and the rain cools my flushed face. Other days the sun pours out its warmth and life into my heart.

And still, there are days when the intensity of the sun’s solar rays penetrate my defenses. My clothes, they turned to rags a few days back, no longer able to offer protection from the elements. But this long walk is all about my perspective, my attitude. Each day my feet, even though pierced and bruised, are prepared further for the rocky terrain up ahead. Pain now produces perseverance, and perseverance, character, and character, hope.

What is there to do when I reach what looks to be the summit, the pinnacle, and it turns out to be just another ridge along the way? Give up now, no! Keep going, keep pressing on, keep faith, and keep the joy! Joy empowers me to keep on moving. How is it that I expect the finish line, when I know it is not the destination that really matters? The journey prepares me with suffering and joy for the summit where true love remains. Without this journey, how can I expect to breath the air up there, where the oxygen is so thin?

But, there is one who goes before me. He prepared the trail, the narrow path to the summit. My hope is in him, not only because if he can do it so can I, but also because he goes with me. He encourages me and teaches me; he listens to my struggles, he rejoices in my success, and mourns my losses. He is there with me. And that is what counts. What a great guide he is. His name is Jesus.


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