Bad Habits

We switched homes with grandpa Dan almost two years ago. When we moved in the pedestal sink in the bathroom did not drain. So we asked grandpa about it. He said, “Yea it doesn’t drain. Water splashes out of it anyway, so I didn’t bother with it. Instead I used the bath or the kitchen sink.” Since he is our landlord, obviously, what we wanted to know was whether or not he would have it fixed. From his statement we found out quickly, like he, he expected us to do as he had done, that is not use the sink. Instead of calling a plumber, we took a look at it ourselves and found the problem in the sewer line, something too great for the regular do it yourself kind of person. Rather than forking out the couple hundred dollars, we chose to live with it. That meant brushing our teeth in the kitchen, washing our hands in the tub, and using the sink to hold hair trimmings, curling iron, and blow drier.

Today I caught myself. After putting product into my hair, my hands were dirty and sticky. So I went over to the tub and turned on the faucet. A small voice spoke to me in that moment, especially after spending time an hour earlier reading about ingrained habits of sin. I did not have to consciously think about using the tub, I just did it, and it was second nature. But I had a revelation moment, “stop, why use the tub when you can use the sink, the plumber fixed it a few days ago!”

Perhaps this is how our habits take control over our lives, mostly without even an awareness of their presence. Yet we shall not be slaves to our habits, but slaves to God, to the Lord Jesus, and he will deliver us, he will bless us, he will grace us with righteousness. He will give us freedom. But first would be wise to listen.


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