We Don’t Want All Our Beliefs

Let me ask you, yeah you who are reading this, I am asking myself too…

What do your beliefs do for you?

Think about what you “believe.”

For you, what does it mean to believe something?

Can you believe an idea and actually do something else?

Does your believing have any influence in the day to day of your life?

Is your belief set so that you can escape the fire of hell and damnation?

Now that your sins are taken care of, does that make you feel better about yourself? Is your gospel about making you feel better after you sin?

Are you now cozy and comfortable reclining on your sofa of ignorance and entertainment as you are entertained eating the elephant out of the room?

You laugh, but at what? Is your meaningless life funny to you? What is really going on here? Do we know what we are doing?

My life is good, you might say, so all is good in the world. Is that true?

God wants to prosper me right? He wants to give me stuff, stuff at the expense of others. Wait a minute.

I take and take and take. Then I say, thanks God for this stuff. You have surely blessed me. Hold on a second.

My prayer is but a laundry list, a grocery list, a honey-do list, and a chore list.

When I get what I want, the job, the car, the spouse, the car, the wardrobe, it must be because I am a good little boy. It must be because I deserve it.

How disillusioned I am. How easy it is to believe my lies. How painless it is to justify how I live.

Do our beliefs merely allow us to separate ourselves from responsibility?

Or do our beliefs set us free, free to live an abundant life?

Is your belief about not dying?

Or is your belief about living a complete life, of beauty, of wholeness, of fullness, of richness?

Do they catapult you into the workplace, into the family home, onto the field, to be an agent of justice, peace, and reconciliation?

Do your beliefs automatically cause you to love others, not as parts and pieces, as labels and stereotypes, but as beautiful creatures whom God intends to make into radiant beings of his perfect love?

Are your beliefs congruent with the life and ministry and teachings of Jesus?

Who is Jesus?

Or does it even matter to you who he is?

Think about this, a quote from the song ‘Four Word Letter (Part 2)’ by Mewithoutyou…

We hunger, though all we eat brings us little relief

We don’t quite know what else to do

We have all our beliefs

But we don’t want our beliefs

God of peace

We want you

Burn it all down, as Aaron Weiss (the songwriter) says, “why not be utterly changed into fire?”

Jesus will build you up. Have faith. He can handle your questions. He is the great I AM, the alpha, the omega, the beginning and end. Let us all worship him for who he is, not for who we would like him to be. Seek him and you will find him.Amen.


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