Noisy Silence?

Come on, people like us are obsessed with good entertainment. It comes in all sorts and sizes, both active and passive forms: sitcoms, reality TV, music, theater, art, literature, drama, comedy, concert, amusement parks, national parks, sporting events, and action sports (and the list goes on). Literally it is what motivates most of us to get through the workweek. Monday is an awful invention, so we come home and medicate with Netflix until bed. Wednesday comes with a hump, and after summiting, Friday is within reach. And when Friday comes, whatever day your Friday actually lands on, we escape the reality of a life of potentially endless workweeks by hitting the bar, or the gym, or the restaurant. Go ahead you deserve it. Work we think is not truly living. Life we say begins when I punch out, and the weekend begins. That is when we live the kind of lives we imagine living all the long workweek.

And how do we know what kind of life we want to live? Well I think mainly this is defined by the narrative that come down the pipeline of entertainment. Sitcoms normalize the lives some of us are already living. They make me feel good by comparison. Reality TV makes us all feel better about ourselves, like we know something the stupid people on the TV don’t know. Sporting events give many of us an alter ego, a fantasy life where real life is only about whose team is best and who scored the most points, or who is going to be the team next year. Cell phones and computers put entertainment in our hands all day, in the bedroom, on the toilet, or at the coffee shop with a friend. It is all designed to keep us contently numb.

What happens when the noise stops, even just for a second?

Come on be honest, you feel the compulsion to drown it out, the silence that is. You reach for the remote, the phone, the book, car keys, the bike or skateboard or whatever it is.

It’s deafening isn’t it? How can silence be so loud? It is scary and dark in there, in the room of silence. Is it a trap. Perhaps a maze with no way to exit and our worst fears around every corner.


I thought silence is the absence of noise. But the silence, like it is so good at doing, gives way to the noise in our hearts and minds.

Try it. That is, try listening to your own life instead of the worship album, or the Netflix original. Don’t worry; it will be loud when you turn off the noise. It will settle down though.

And when the waves settle and the water becomes still, there you will hear the alpha and omega the beginning and the end with a still small voice saying with all the love in the world, “you are my Beloved child. I am yours and you are mine.”

It might just change your life. Or maybe I mean the one behind the silence will. Yea that is what I mean. Don’t be afraid. Give it a shot. Go for it. Just do it. Don’t take my word for it. Go, now!


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